For weeks now I have been working towards that holy grail of numbered tiles. I was using the corner strategy. I was stacking my tiles. I was getting to 1024 most of the time. I was working hard, and this weekend I finally achieved success! It started out as a game like any other, but before I knew it I had a 1024 tile in the corner. I saw two 512 tiles on the board. In one swipe I had conquered one of the most frustrating games on my phone!

When the “You Win” screen popped up I has overjoyed. I took a screen shot to text to my friends. I gloated. Hard.

After I played out that fateful game (achieving a new high score of 32424) I started another game. The board looked different. There was a new message on the screen. It read: Your next goal is to get the 4096 tile!

Life after 2048 isn’t what I thought it would be. Even after you beat this game, it offers you new, more difficult challenges. Now when I play the game I can create a 2048 tile with relative ease. I get to 2048 almost every other time I play. But when I get to 2048 I don’t get that “You Win” screen. The game just keeps on going. Try as I might, I can’t get that 4096 tile. It feels like I’m starting all over again.

The worst part is, I know that once I finally get to 4096, the board will just taunt me by telling me to shoot for 8192 and 16384 and so on until they have to adjust the font size to fit on those little tiles. Is the board even big enough for a player to create a 16384 tile? I’m afraid to find out.

I thought that I could beat 2048. As it turns out, there is no beating 2048. As you swipe on, trying to reach that even-numbered infinity, 2048 will just expand. You will never be good enough for 2048. Accept that now and try to be happy anyway.