Though 2014 is still young, it has already been a memorable year for frustratingly addicting apps. First there was Flappy Bird. We saw our friends playing it. We downloaded it. We couldn’t stop playing it.

Then there was Flappy Birds premature demise with its withdrawal from the App Store. There were those who had patience and didn’t delete the game from our phones after failing again to get a new high score. However, there were also those that unfortunately deleted the game from their smartphone the night before Flappy Bird’s disappearance. These people woke up with the motivation to better their high scores, and were left with a whole in their hearts when the search term “Flappy Bird” yielded no results in the App Store. When they Googled it later that morning, they saw that eBay was riddled with iPhones with Flappy Bird installed, selling for several hundreds of dollars each. They then began kicking themselves.

Time passed, and people returned to their lives previous lives of productivity as the Flappy Bird craze died down. And then there was 2048.

2048 was a rare game, a game with the addictive properties of Flappy Bird, yet also half of the frustration. As people played it, they could just feel themselves getting smarter, because 2048 was math. And it was fun math. Again, the human race lost their lives to their smartphones and computer screens.

While we can say we expected the inevitable fusion of Flappy Bird and 2048, we never quite expected it to be like this.

Flappy48 is the latest venture in the realm of the world’s most addicting games. Flappy48 was created by Dan Moran, a 4th year Computer Science student at Queen’s University in Ontario under the programmer pseudonym Broxxar. On his website, Broxxar explains the game to be a “tribute to the massively popular games” of Flappy Bird and 2048. However, we don’t think Broxxar quite understands the potential for addiction that his creation possesses, as evidenced by the nonchalant nature of how he mentions the game. So allow us to explain.

Flappy48 cannot be described as a clone of either game. Rather, Flappy48 is a perfected hybrid of the worlds two most addicting games. Flappy48 begins as Flappy Bird does, except this time you are guiding a lone 2 tile through mundanely beige pillars designed with the same theme as 2048. As you guide your 2 tile, you will encounter additional tiles of 2 or 4 that will either match up with your 2, or if you have a larger number, simply tag along for the ride if it cannot be matched. As your chain of numbers grows larger, navigating through those beige pillars becomes increasingly difficult, in a similar manner to the game Snake that we all had on our cell phones ten years ago by default.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.53.58 AM

The game is incredible fun. Though it’s mechanics are more similar to Flappy Bird than 2048, the tranquil, earth-tone nature of 2048’s theme was implemented well, and it is safe to say that Flappy48 is not as frustrating. Broxxar has done well – check out the links below to play!

Click here to play Flappy48!

Click here to download Flappy48 for Android!

To stay updated on Dan Moran’s (Broxxar’s) game development, you can follow him on twitter here!