Doge 2048 is all We all love 2048 for its effortless ability to make addition (and complex algorithms) into a fun and addictive game. Add everyone’s favorite canine-centric meme to the mix, though, and you get a browser-based tilefest that we might never be able to stop playing. Not ever. Even if our loved ones weep for us to do so.

If you have a handle on basic 2048 strategy, then you’ll have no trouble picking up Doge 2048 in a heartbeat. A winking shiba inu GIF on a green background is the equivalent of a 2 tile, and a shiba head in space is a 4. Instead of “adding” numbers together to get to 2048, you’ll combine matching doge meme pictures to progress. Once you’ve unlocked all 11 pictures, you win! To encourage you to do your best, the Doge 2048 game will flash positive messages from your doges after each successful match, like “such player” and “very points.” If you’re running out of space to move, your doges get worried, simply saying “concern.”

Doge 2048, of course, with the alterations from normal 2048 comes a new set of challenges. Without the benefit of easily-remembered number sequences to fall back on, you may find it difficult to remember what types of dogs create other types. It took us several games to even realize there was a logical progression in the first place to Doge 2048. We still get some of the doge pictures confused ourselves, but this short guide should help you on your way to beating Doge 2048:

You get the idea! There are a few doges after this, but it would spoil the fun if we told you what they were outright.

Doge 2048 comes from the internet-savvy brains of Tiny Mammals, the Web name of developers Jason LaFerrera and Molly Baker. They’ve previously collaborated on the apps Peepers, which allows you to smack googly eyes on any picture you choose, and Snack Compass, which guides you to the junk food destination of your choice with a pizza-shaped compass. ¬†They’re a creative juggernaut of a team, and we’re pleased that they’ve chosen to put our two favorite Web sensations together in this dangerously addictive game.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have two pizzas to slap together to make a broge.