2. Avoid getting stuck in a box.


This is probably the worst thing that can happen to you in a 2048 game. What I mean is this: You’ve so far been a good boy or girl and kept your large tiles corned on one side of the board, and you’ve managed to keep them there. But, somehow, you’ve gotten yourself into the position where you can’t move from side to side like you normally do. This could be a 4×1 (4 horizontal by 1 vertical) box, a 4×2, or (more commonly) 4×3. As you know, getting stuck in a 4×4 box means you can’t make any moves at all, so you lose. It’s possible to salvage a game when you get stuck in a 4×3 box, but it isn’t easy. It makes your life a lot harder and will only hinder your progress. So how do you stop that from happening?

First, STOP PRESSING BUTTONS! That’s right. In the game all about pressing buttons, the way to win this one is to stop, journey to Tibet and find yourself a monk, train in the art of meditation for 10 years, and then come back. You need to keep a cool head and actually think your moves through when your board is starting to fill up. It’s easy to just press buttons because it’s so easy to get matches and combine things at the beginning, but eventually that’s going to get you in a hole, and the only way out of it will lose your control of tiles.

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