2048 strategy guide is here to show you how to get a 2048 win. 2048 is a deceptively challenging games that teases you with that one simple goal — just get a single 2048 tile. It’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, so if you’re having trouble making it to the quadruple-digits, use these game 2048 strategy and tips to help you beat the game.


For the mathematical explanation on how to beat 2048, read here…

Otherwise read below for the basic and simplified 2048 strategy and tips!

2048 Strategy and Tips

1. Corner Your Big Tiles



2048 is all about control. You need to control your tiles so you can get to them when you have a match, and you need to keep like-numbered tiles together. The best way to do this is to corner your biggest tiles and try to keep them there. You can move back and forth between two corners to position things around, but you should try to keep your big tiles on one side. I personally prefer the top side and use the top left and right corners. So I’ll move left and right when I want to shift things around, and I’ll press up when I want to move things toward the top, but I’ll almost never press down, unless it’s a completely controlled move and won’t get my large pieces stuck in the middle.

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