2048 Plus Challenge Edition strategy

2048 Plus Challenge Edition Strategy and Tips. If you’ve grown tiresome of 2048’s classic but monotonous gameplay, then we have some great news from you. From redBit games‘ comes 2048 Plus Challenge Edition, the latest and most challenging adaption of 2048 yet. Not used to the new added elements to the game? Use our 2048 Plus Challenge Edition strategy.

Sure, we all love the minimalistic quest for the gloriously golden and elusive 2048 tile. But let’s face the facts, 2048 can grow a bit boring after awhile. Luckily, something miraculous has happened and it’s name is 2048 Plus Challenge Edition. This new variation of 2048 features two different modes to keep everyone happy and addicted.

For those of you who hate change, 2048 Plus Challenge Edition still features a classic mode of 2048. This mode allows you to play the game much like you would the original and official version. The old standby 4×4 board, high score counter, and best score reminder remain untouched.

However, this bad boy really shines through with it’s completely original and genius challenge edition. This mode allows the players to play through 30 levels of objective themed 2048. For instance, you may need to play through with a certain number of moves or time. You may simply need to reach a specific tile or point total. But the really challenging aspect of this mode comes in the newly added elements of blockers.

For one, the game introduce a stone blocker that can make things quite difficult when it comes to making matches. To make the situations even stickier, there is also an added division blocker. A match with this blocker will make any tile reduce to its former. Luckily, the game has also introduced a star blocker. This blocker is actually a pleasant surprise as it will make any tile double.

If you’ve grown bored and frustrated with 2048, make 2048 Plus Challenge Edition the go to game for you. You truly get the best of both worlds as you can play the old school 2048 or the twisted challenge based edition. If you’re stuck on a level, use the following 2048 Plus Challenge Edition strategy and tips to see your through.

2048 Plus Challenge Edition Strategy

A big percentage of 2048 Plus Challenge Edition is simply using the classic strategy for success.For instance, timed and turn based levels are still best handled by monotonicity, smoothness, and free tiles. You can deviate from that game plan at times, but it should also be the foundation of your 2048 strategy.

However, the added blockers throw an interesting monkey wrench as to how and when this strategy should be applied. For the best success, use the following 2048 Plus Challenge Edition Strategy and Tips.

The Stone Block

2048 Plus Challenge Edition strategy

  • Stone blocks are blockers that can not be removed.
  • Instead, the slide when with every move and will block you from making matches.
  • This makes it extremely difficult if you prefer employing the corner strategy.
  • One of the best things you can do to deal with the blocker is to keep it out of the same row or column as your highest tile.
  • This way it will become much easier to add on.

The Division Block

2048 Plus Challenge Edition strategy

  • The division block is is real pesky problem.
  • The division block will downgrade any number except for two.
  • For example, if you match a division block with a 16 tile, it will be reduced to an 8 tile.
  • Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to make sure this blocker never reaches you highest tile.
  • Be extra careful in making your moves.
  • However, keep in mind that the division will have no effect on on a two tile.
  • Instead, it will simply act like a stone block when pushed against a two tile.

The Bonus Block

2048 Plus Challenge Edition strategy

  • The bonus block may very well be the best thing to happen to mobile games.
  • The glorious bonus block will double any of your tiles.
  • Yes, you read that right.
  • Think about it, all you would need to do is match the bonus block with a 1024 tile and you would achieve 2048 wonder.
  • When you reach a level with the bonus block, try to save it and combine it for whatever your highest tile is.
  • In fact, the bonus block is the only good reason to deviate from the classic strategy as it should always be used to make the highest numbered tile.