There are a bunch of strange versions of 2048 on the Internet and they are (almost) all amazing. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Cheat Versions: If 2048 is too difficult, or if you are not a patient person, you might want to try these cheat versions.
    4’s only: This version of 2048 only adds new 4 tiles. This way you don’t have to bother with all the annoying 2 tiles and you always know what tile will be added to your board.
    Deterministic 2048: This cheat version of 2048 will always add a 2 tile in the first available cell. This means you can never be surprised by a 4 or a randomly placed tile. Having this kind of control over the board makes it much easier to win.
  • 2048 Chemistry Edition: In this brilliant incarnation of 2048 players have to combine elements and try to achieve an isotopic mass of 256. This game plays just like the original 2048, but with an added twist. Unstable elements will disappear if you don’t match them in time.
  • Lil B Edition: This game combines the music and face of Lil B with 2048. You know I always wanted to be the best.
  • DOGE 2048: Wow such amaze! You can actually download this version of 2048 to your phone. It’s way cuter than the original 2048.
  • 2048 Numberwang: This spin on 2048 uses “advanced mathematical calculations” to combine your tiles. The goal of 2048 Numberwang is to reach 22281.
  • Bad Words 2048: This version of 2048 lets you combine curse words in an effort to become the most offensive.
  • Design Your Own 2048: If the version of 2048 you’ve always dreamed of doesn’t exist yet, you can use this Make Your Own 2048 generator to create any type of 2048 you want. Which of your friends is worth two of your other friend? You can rank and decide! Or if that seems too mean, you can just make a board using pictures of breakfast foods.