2048 hacks and cheats are here to make our lives easier! If we’re being honest with ourselves, 2048 isn’t always a fun game to play. In fact, it can be downright grueling at times. If you’ve ever been in the position of having a 1024 tile and two 512s with no way to combine them, you know our pain. There are no words to describe when winning is almost within your grasp, but was yanked away at the last second. “Lamentable” is a good start.

Thankfully, more techno-savvy cheaters than we have found several ways to game the (game) system. Several people have figured out a handful of ways to beat the game without actually doing much (if any) work yourself. If you’re one of those people that wants some instant gratification from your games, try a 2048 hack from this list and see how you like it.

Known 2048 Hack & Cheat List

Cheat 1: 2048 Algorithm

This is the most “natural” of any 2048 hack we’ve seen so far. Developer Matt Overlan has created an algorithm that can mathematically solve a game of 2048 by making the best possible move at any given time. There are several uses for this 2048 hack. The first and most obvious is just to automate an entire game and watch the computer play against itself. You’re 90% certain to see that coveted win screen (reproduced above), but it’s a hollow victory. You only clicked a button; the rest was computer math.

A much more enjoyable way to take advantage of this 2048 hack is to use it as a helper for games you’ve started but are struggling with. Begin a game in the algorithm window and keep moving until you start to lose. When you get nervous, just click the auto-run button. When the board is clearer, you can jump back in. Here, the computer will become your partner rather than your babysitter.

Cheat 2: 2048 Hack App

The auto-run 2048 hack is all well and good if you really want to play a game or see one played. But what if you just want to beat the game for bragging rights? Unless you can really brag to your friends about your awesome score, 2048 is no fun, right? Rest easy, friend. The excellently-named Fabrice Delhoste has developed an iOS app for that. You can click the header above to check it out for yourself. In a nutshell, the app allows you to create a custom 2048 board with winning tiles already in place.

Be careful, though! This app also allows you to create tiles above 2048. Your friends might start to question what kind of game lets you just continue after the win conditions have been met. If they find out your dirty little 2048 hack secret, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do!