Looking for more fun ways to play the 2048 game? There are several spin-off games, as well as games that influenced 2048, and most of them are available to play for free. These are our favorite games that are exactly like 2048.

Like The 2048 Game? Play These.

Threes Game


Threes game is very similar to 2048, but it has a little bit more personality. Each tile has its own name and personality, and they even talk to each other a bit. The bigger difference is that the numbers start with 3 instead of 2. It’s a great change of pace if you’ve mastered counting in exponents of 2. You can download Threes for $1.99 on the App Store and Google Play.



If you like memes and you like the 2048 game, Doge 2048 for you. The gameplay matches that of 2048 exactly, but instead of numbers you combine different variants of doge. It’s not so much about aiming for a high number as it is seeing what kind of doge you’ll get next. And the doges are aplenty. There’s winking doge, pizza doge, rainbow doge, and 8 other types of doge. There are no words to describe the pure thrill of surprise each time you unlock a doge. TO make it even better, each time you make a match you’ll get a typical doge expression: “Such matching,” “very scores,” “so amaze.” You’ll soon master doge speak while you play Doge 2048 if you haven’t already.

Button mashing is even more satisfying in Doge 2048 than in the standard game 2048. The controls are a bit tighter and faster, and matching just seems to be easier in general. This is a game best played on your computer with glitch pop in the background. Play DOGE 2048 free in your browser right now.

HN Plays 2048


Remember Twitch Plays Pokemon? If not, here’s the idea behind it: Take the world’s most popular video game streaming platform, Twitch, and open a live stream of a Pokemon game. But don’t stop there — let every single person control the game at the same time, individually inputting commands. The game operates in two modes. Anarchy will process every persons commands in chronological order. It’s pretty hard to get anything done this way, since five hundred people might be pressing left while another five hundred press right, and the game is trying to process it all. Democracy, the other mode, works a little bit better, since results are processed and the most popular input at any given time is the winner.

HN Plays 2048 is essentially the same concept — let everyone play the same exact game at the same time, inputting commands and trying to collaborate for a win. It’s more challenging than the original 2048 game, but not quite as difficult as trying to defeat Team Rocket, making it to Victory Road and defeating the Final Four. It’s not quite as popular as Twitch Plays Pokemon, either, but it’s still pretty fun trying to play 2048 with other people at the same time. Play 2048 multiplayer for free right here.

2048 Tetris

games like 2048

What do get when you combine one of the most classic games in history with a new and viral smash hit? One of the most genius game mashups in recent memory, that’s what. Introducing 2048 Tetris, a game that is exactly what it sounds like. In this version, developer Prateek Agarwal replaces all of the the interchangeable shapes with the 2048 tiles.

The goal of the game is the same as 2048 in that you will need to attain the elusive 2048 tile, however you will only be able to do so by making strictly vertical matches. As you stack like-numbered tiles, your numbers will begin to add up as they would in the original 2048. However, this means thats unlike Tetris, the rows will not disappear as they will only grow in amounts. Because of the differing restrictions from their original versions, this game game could be considered much harder than both 2049 and Tetris. You can play 2048 Tetris for free right here.

2048 Star Wars

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There’s a ton of awesome versions of 2048 out there, but there may be none greater than the Star Wars version you find find right here. Forget about boring numbers because this version has replaced them with icons of Storm Troopers, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Tie Fighters, X-Wings, Millennium Falcons and who knows what elseE

What’s great about the game is that as you play along, it becomes less about high scores and more about matching tiles so you can see what other Star Wars icons appear. Forget getting the 2048 tile, I want to see what happens when you combine two AT-AT Walkers!


games like 2048

If you thought 2048 was challenging, wait till you try your hand at 2048-3D. This version of the game has dropped the original 4×4 board and replaced it with a mega-sized 9×3 board. That’s 27 tiles of madness, friends!

When you begin, you will have a 9×3 board that will be divided into three separated playing fields. Now what’s great about this model of the game is that you will able to move from within a 3×3 board or across the entire 9×3 board. For instance, when you scroll with your arrows, you will play the game with the three divided boxes. When you scroll with the Q(left) or E(right) buttons, you will play the game as one massive board. If you are up for the challenge, you can check out 2048-3D right here.

Flappy 2048

games like 2048

Question: What is the most frustrating game in the world not named 2048? Answer: Flappy Bird. Come on, you know the game. The one where you have guide a moronic bird through a series of Super Mario-like pipes. The one that leads games in thrown phones and cracked screens. Well now someone has taken the frustratingly simple game and combined it with 2048.

The mashup itself plays much more like Flappy Bird than it does 2048 as you will need to guide a tile through a never ending series of vertical blocks. As you move through the 4×4 board, your traveling tile’s number will increase for every series of tubes you move through. Although I have not reached it, I presume the game ends when you reach the 2048 tile.Believe it or not, the gameplay is much easier than Flappy Bird and it’s quite possibly easier to reach the final tile than it is in 2048. You can try out Flappy 2048 here.

Finals 2048

games like 2048

Are you completely sick and tired of trying to reach the mystifying 2048 tile? Are you staying up at night, drenching your pillow in tears because you can’t get a little yellow tile? Failing exams because 2048 has completely consumed your soul? Well, have I got the cure for you my friend.

Let me introduce you to 2048, a game that not even you could possibly lose. Think of it as the 2048 version of the claw game that lets you play until you win a 25 cent piece of candy. The idea is simple, you start with two tiles. Combine them, and you automatically get that 2048 tile that has been missing from your life. You even get the option to keep playing just so that you can make multiple gloriously yellow tiles. You can feel like a winner without having to put in all the work by playing Finals 2048 right here.

2048 Cupcakes

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If you are at all hungry, then perhaps you shouldn’t try out this next version of 2048. 2048 Cupcakes is another adaptation of the original that sounds exactly like what it is. In this tasty game, you will need to combine like cupcakes until you reach the final cupcake.

The tiles of 2048 have been replaced with mouthwatering cupcakes such as vanilla birthday, bubblegum pink, chocolate mink fudge, toasted marshmallow, chocolate sunday, and more. As for the final tile, well that game winning spot has been reserved for the white chocolate peppermint cupcake. You can try and devour 2048 cupcakes right here.


games like 2048

How many times have you completely filled your 2048 board and run out of moves? My guess is a lot. Well, Anti-2048 is a game where you won’t have to worry about that. You see, that is actually the entire point of the game and believe me, it is far more challenging than you think.

The objective of Anti-2048 is to completely fill up the 4×4 playing board so that no tiles can move. You begin the game with a score 512. For every move you make, the score goes down some. If and when your score reaches zero, you lose. Try you hand at Anti-2048 right here!