The new 2048 game strategy patch is out. And it’s flashier than it’s ever been.
2048 game app update
2048 has done incredibly well among iPhone and Android users. Need proof? Check the best free app charts in the app store right now. The 2048 game should be sitting at the tippity top where it comfortably rules with an iron fist.

2048 has been criticized for its lack of flare since its debut. Seeing as it is, for all intents and purposes, a clone of the paid app, Threes, fans of the game were quick to note that the more accessible sequel is missing some of the trademark style present in the original 2048 game.

The update on April 5th addresses these issues and adds other features in an effort to sedate the ravenous fanbase of the addicting app. Will it work? Who knows with you people!

The details of the update are as follows:

2048 game Update Text

  • Improved tile animations
  • Achievements are now available. Connect your Game Center account and tap on “LEADERBOARD” button in 2048, and select “Achievements” tab to check all 2048 achievements.
  • Your current game is auto-saved so will be restored each time you open the application.
  • A history of your 5 latest high scores is now available. Share with friends. You need to make a new high score to get your game saved.
  • Facebook Friends Ranking. You can now see the best scores of your Facebook friends playing 2048 game.
  • Many players asked for it, a “Remove Ads” option has been added and is available through an in-app purchase.
  • Minor text errors corrected.

Despite the fact that the update info was clearly not written by a native English speaker, the reason to be excited is clear. 2048 is now going to be a far more competitive game than it was before.

Sure if you have friends you talk to in “real life,” this update doesn’t offer much in terms of “valuable new content,” but it’s 2014 and I’m pretty sure all of those people are dead now. Everyone in this era shares scores through online leader boards or facebook, with word of mouth now a deep source of shame for potential braggarts.

In terms of basic utility, the 2048 app is getting some important improvements through the auto-save feature. Those of us who play 2048 on their phones at work will be happy to know after they get caught by their boss, they’ll be able to return to exactly where they left off with no hitch. If that’s not progress then what is?

Long story short, the April 5th update makes a lot of cosmetic tweaks and social networking updates so players can feel better about their score before they try to get a higher one. Now get back out there and play some 2048, you scamps!