2048 Strategy and Tips will help you beat the game and win a higher score. 2048 game is a simple yet fantastically addictive puzzle by Gabriele Cirulli. It was originally created as a free browser game — play 2048  for free. After the success of the browser version, a mobile version was developed by Ketchapp It’s available for all iOS and Android devices, so if you want to play 2048 on your mobile device head here to Download 2048!

Everything you need to know about 2048 Strategy

2048 strategy

2048 game is based on two very similar ones: the free 1024 game and Threes, a popular paid app for iOS. In all three of these games, you have to swipe numbers up, down, left or right and combine like-numbered tiles. Each time you combine tiles, the numbers add together to form one new tile. So if you combine two “4” tiles, they’ll form one “8” tile. You ear points and can shoot for a high score, but the main goal is to get tile with the number “2048.” When you get the 2048 tile, you win! This might seem easy, especially when you first play and things seem to add up so fast, but it’s not so easy.

To get a 2048 game tile you need to combine two 1024 tiles. And to get a single 1024 tile, you need to get all of these:


2 + 2
4 + 4
8 + 8
16 + 16
32 + 32
64 + 64
128 + 128
256 + 256
512 + 512

If you break it down, you need to grow a lot of tiles, and once you get a 1024 tile, you have to do it all over again. It’s not easy, but you can use our 2048 strategy page for the best tips to help you beat the game.

Although the game can be very fast paced, especially on the computer, it’s actually better to take it slow. Mashing arrow keys or swiping like mad on your phone is easy to do, and you are allowed a certain amount of success without much thought. You’ll soon realize, however, that this game is no quick one-off. This is a game with the addictiveness of Flappy Bird along with the intense thrill of trying to reach that godly number — 2048. To get there, you’ll need all your wits, and probably some help from us.

The challenge of how to win 2048 game has nothing to do with math. Most people can recognize when two numbers look alike, and all you have to do is combine them. There’s not a whole lot of actual adding to do. The challenge is in positioning. You have to move your tiles around constantly so that you can get them to match, and when you move, all of your tiles move. This makes it pretty tricky to get things linked up exactly how you want. This isn’t your typical sliding puzzle where you can control the pieces individually. To make it even more complicated, when you move in one direction, all of the matching tiles will automatically combine. What does that mean?

Take this example: Your top row, from left to right, is a 2, 2, 4, and 4. You have a matching set of 2 and a matching set of 4. If you swipe left or right, the 2s and the 4s will combine, result in a 4 and an 8. This mechanic makes it even trickier to control your tiles, so you have to be extra cautious about the moves you make so you can maintain as much control as possible.

Head on over to to the 2048 strategy page and see all the tips that will show you how to beat the game.


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